Pure Camping Jerky

The perfect camping, hiking, gym-bag stuffer, or hearty snack on the go! This thick-cut jerky packs a hearty amount of protein - combined with all the offaly good benefits from Pure Pluck. Tender, savory, and filling, this is a recipe you should always have in your back pocket. 

Avatar photo Melissa Hickman
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Cocktail Meatballs

A holiday favorite re-created. These Cocktail Meatballs are a healthier version of the retro appetizer of long ago. These homemade Cocktail Meatballs will surely be a crowd-pleaser with a sweet, tangy, garlicky glaze paired with savory meatballs.

Avatar photo Ryan Carey
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Warm cheese rolls are the best! Pair them with green chilis and you have a delicious twist on a family favorite. Pluck seasoning beautifully brightens the flavor to these savory rolls.

Avatar photo Michal Grappa
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This crisp, colorful jicama salad is loaded with flavor. The ingredients pack in a punch of polyphenols and beneficial compounds, such as quercetin from red onion and apple, carotenoids from raw carrot, and anthocyanins from purple cabbage (one of the richest food sources of anthocyanins!). A pinch of Pluck upgrades this salad dressing with further nutrient-density, while jicama provides a source of prebiotic fiber to support a healthy gut microbiome. This slaw is best enjoyed as a side salad at an outdoor BBQ or as a garnish for tacos, hotdogs, burgers, or more.

Avatar photo Nicole Sheehan
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