What are your shipping methods?

We ship via a UPS/USPS hybrid method. You’ll receive the order tracking from UPS. UPS gets the order to your local city/town postal office and then the US Postal Service delivers it to your residence. This is the most economical shipping method we have found.

What is Package Protection Insurance?

Package Protection Insurance ensures that your order is guaranteed against loss, damage, or theft . This 30 cent shipping protection covers purchases fro $100 or less that are lost or damaged in transit, or stolen immediately after the carrier’s proof of delivery. 100% order protection for a minimal cost.
While we appreciate that USPS is more affordable, they tend to make a lot more mistakes, then customer’s experience delays and we pay the price, literally. We have no recourse to recover costs for USPS mistakes.
The 30 cent cost is a true cost for the insurance. You have the option to delete the insurance charge but then you are not protected if your order is damaged, lost or stolen during shipping. Once we fulfill the order, we will not be responsible for these specific shipment issues.
We opted to charge the 30 cents per order versus raising the cost of each product.

Where do you ship?

Right now we ship to most countries. However, we cannot guarantee delivery outside of the US. We are not familiar with every country’s import laws and cannot be held responsible should your International order get denied or stuck in customs. As of now, we are unaware of any issues, but please research your specific country prior to ordering. The Package Protection Insurance will guarantee your order from loss, theft and damage during transport.

How long will it take to receive my shipment?

We process orders within 1-2 business days. Once we ship your order, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number that you can use to determine how quickly your order will arrive. We are shipping from Salt Lake City, UT so locations that are closest to the west coast typically arrive within 3-5 days.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Orders of $99 or more get free shipping. This usually adds up to 6 full-price pouches. If using a discount, you may have to purchase 7 or more depending on the discount value.

Order Related

Can I edit or cancel my order once it’s been placed?

There’s a short window of time (about 20 minutes) for us to edit or cancel your order. Email hello@eatpluck.com immediately and we’ll do our Pluckin’ best to accommodate your request.

How do I track my package?
You’ll receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number as soon as your order ships out. Give that tracking number 24 hours to update once you receive it, and then you can follow your order on it’s journey to you.
Help! My package is missing

If your package has been marked as delivered but you don’t see it in your mailbox or is stuck in a USPS processing center, email us at hello@eatpluck.com and we’ll add a trace to the package. Fortunately, if you purchsed the Package Protection Insurance, your orer is 100% guaranteed. With the correct address and a little patience, we’ll get your order to you!

Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely. Ensure you are opt in to our notification list to receive sale notifications, discounts and more. You can also save 10% off your order everytime by ordering your Pluck as a subscription.

Do you have any samples?

We currently do not offer samples. If you’re new to Pluck and concerned you might not like it, just order one (1) bag. Within three (3) days of receiving Pluck, if you don’t like it for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund you the cost of the bag minus the shipping.

Product Related

What does this seasoning taste like?

Each Pluck seasoning has a unique taste. Overall, all Pluck is savory. The organ meat adds a unique, umami flavor. Pluck seasoning is the gateway to getting organ meats into your diet. We focused on ensuring it tastes delicious for almost any palate.

Do kids eat/like Pluck?
Absolutely. It’s a great way to add nutrients to your kids’ diet without them knowing it. You don’t have to deal with picky eaters with Pluck. Plus, every kid we know that has tried Pluck loves it.
Where do you source your organ meats?
We source our organ meats from New Zealand pasture-raised cows that are grass-fed, grass-finished and humanely treated. No GMO feed or hormones are used. The high quality of these freeze-dried, powdered organs are the same as you will find in organ meat supplements sourced from New Zealand.
How much is 50g?
About a heaping ⅓ cup.
How long will that last me?
Depends on how many people are in your household and how often you’re using it. If you’re a family of four, use a pinch in every meal, then it will last you about 3 weeks.
What does Pluck go with?
Anything savory. Or another way to put it: anything you’d use salt and pepper on. Despite the organs coming from cows, Pluck tastes delicious on all animals, poultry, and fish. We encourage you to try it on everything and report back to us what you think.
Why is Pluck in a pouch

The pouch is our way of putting people and the planet first. The pouch is light and requires less fossil fuels and packaging to ship. Reuse an empty jar or purchase our spice containers and refill those.

Is Pluck vegan or vegetarian?
No. Pluck uses a mix of spices, herbs, and a blend of freeze-dried, powdered organ meat that comes from cows. If you’re not 100% plant-based, then you’ll love getting all the benefits of organ meat without needing to handle or cook animal organs.
Are the spices and herbs organic?

Yes. They are certified organic and sustainably sourced.

Why is this more expensive than “regular” seasonings?
It’s all due to our uniquely special ingredient: freeze-dried, powdered organ meat. Organ meat from healthy, pastured animals is expensive which increases the cost and nutrient-density of our product. It’s far cheaper than buying supplements and it’s whole food-based which means your body should recognize it and easily absorb the vitamins and minerals.
Are there any fillers or additives?
Is Pluck dairy-free?
Is Pluck gluten-free?

Yes. While the facilities that our ingredients are packaged in are not certified celiac safe, we are told that no gluten products are packaged in the facilities.

Is the bovine organ blend certified organic?
No but the animals are 100% grass-fed and pastured. The cows are humanely raised eating a grass-fed, grass-finished diet from a New Zealand pasture. Pastured animals can’t be certified organic unless the feed they are being given is certified organic. Wild, pasture grasses are better than certified…they are nature’s purest form as long as the earth is properly cared for, which New Zealand does exceptionally well.
I want to order a large package of Pluck. Do you have a different size?
At this time, we only sell the one size of Pluck (50g). You can order as many Pluck packages as you’d like and we offer adjustable subscriptions so you’ll never be without Pluck.
What is the shelf life of Pluck pouches once opened?

We expect Pluck Seasonings to be have a shelf-life of 12 months. The granulated onion can start to clump over time so we encourage you to eat Pluck daily and to replenish it every 1-2 months.

What is the best way to store Pluck? Should it be refrigerated?

Repurpose a jar or keep them sealed in the pouch. Keep your Pluck on the kitchen counter, table, cupboard or drawer that will ensure you are using them often. The more you use it, the more you benefit. Pluck should NOT be refrigerated, as that could draw moisture to them. Also, keep them away from direct heat or strong sunlight, such as a stove burner or windowsill.

Is Pluck Keto? Is Pluck Paleo? Is Pluck Slow-Carb?

Yes, The ingredients are friendly to most diets. Pluck Zesty Garlic and Pure are both Auto-Immune Protocol or AIP- compliant too!

Is Pluck Guaranteed if I’m a US customer?
Yes, If you don’t like Pluck, let us know within 3 days of receiving your order. We’ll refund one pouch minus the shipping cost. We can’t accept returns, so if you ordered more than one pouch, gift the other pouches to someone you love.
Is Pluck Guaranteed if I’m an international customer?
Yes, If you don’t like Pluck, let us know within 3 days of receiving your order. We’ll refund your order minus the shipping cost.
Does Pluck go with sweet things like desserts?
We’ve never tried it on something sweet. If you do, please let us know what you think.
How much organ meat is in Pluck?
Our mix has 15% organ meat which means you’re getting micro-dosing in frequent use. Thus the importance of using Pluck regularly.
Does organ meat cause gout?
Organ meat does not cause gout. If the person already has gout, then it is advised to eat foods that are low in purine. While organ meats are high in purine, the amount of purine one would get from using Pluck as a seasoning wouldn’t be considered significant. That said, one must check with their doctor for medical advice. We do not give medical advice; we can only give insights into our product
Do you sell a spice cellar?

Yes. We have Pluck branded containers for Pluck All-Purpose, Zesty Garlic and Spicy. These can be purchased as a set or individually.

Do I get anything special for purchasing a Subscription?

Yes. You save 10% on every order you receive through subscription. It’s a great way to guarantee a lower price everytime.

Is there any minimum commitment for a Subscription?
No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

In order to pause or cancel your subscription, click the subscription link in the email you received when you signed up or log in to your account from our website. In your Subsciption portal, you can click the ‘pause my subscription’ button to pause or ‘cancel my subscription’ to cancel. Canceling the subscription means you would like to no longer receive the product ever. Pausing the subscription allows you pause but still continue at a different time.

How do I skip a Subscription delivery?

Once logged in, go to the Billing Schedule box, click ‘Reschedule’ or ‘Skip payment’ to change or skip a delivery.

How do I update Subscription billing information?

Once in your Customer Portal, click edit in the Payment method box. In the Payment Method box, you’ll find the current method of payment along with the current billing address. However, this is not the same as the shipping address. You must edit Shipping to change the shipping address.

How do I update my Subscription shipping address?

Once logged in to your customer portal, click the edit button next to Shipping. This only affects the shipping/delivery address, this does not update billing information related to the method of payment.

Can I add or change the duration of my subscription?

Yes! Once logged in to your customer portal, click to edit your subscription. You can choose a 4, 5 or 6 week duration and then click save.
You can also edit and add items to your subscription in the Items box. 


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