I love sweet potato fries especially using the white sweet potatoes because they aren't as sweet as the orange ones and they seem to not get as mushy. Ever since finding Pluck seasoning, I try to find any opportunity to throw it into my meals. Turns out it's dang good on sweet potato fries! 

Amelia Hunt Amelia Hunt
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Some kids just don't like the taste of vegetables, but Sia finds ALL vegetables taste better with ample amounts of butter and Pluck!

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Are you looking for another way to use summer zucchini? If so give this recipe a try. These soft zucchini tortillas are gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free and if you need a vegan option the recipe works just as well with a flax egg. Soft like a regular flour tortilla and sturdy enough to hold your favorite fillings from roasted veggies to grilled chicken.

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