Never heard of shakshuka? We're happy to introduce you. This is a yummy Middle Eastern breakfast that is both nutritious and filling. You'll love it! Plus, it contains certain spices-namely, cumin, fennel, coriander, and mint-that soothe digestive disorders like gas and bloating that can often crop up during menopause.

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Soufflés have a rep for being super fussy and difficult, but once you make one, you'll think, "Really? That's it?" The most important thing to remember is that temperature consistency is key, so don't open the oven door until the soufflé is done (if you need to peek, use the oven light). These individual soufflés are fantastic for brunch but also would work for dinner.

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Congee is incredibly soothing. Many attest to its therapeutic properties. Adding Pluck just makes it that much more delicious and health.

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