Plucked Pork Sirloin Chop w/ Carrots & Whipped Lardo

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Recipe by Chris Gallardo

As a butcher, Chris G. is no stranger to the magic of organ meats. He enjoys snapping shots of the creations he cuts and cooks on his instagram page, Bearded Butcher.

We recommend Pluck SpicyAll-Purpose,or Zesty Garlic for this recipe.


Step 1

Grind pork fat once through coarse plate

Step 2

Add dry ingredients

Step 3

Once combined, add wet ingredients and mix until you see ingredients evenly distributed in fat

Step 4

Grind once more through medium grind plate to make more fine

Step 5

Hand mix one more time

Step 6

Heat cast iron pan at a medium-high heat

Step 7

Season pork chop with Pluck seasoning

Step 8

Cover one side of pork chop in whipped lardo

Step 9

Place chops in pan - the idea is to have the weight of the chop push down on the lardo to help render faster in the pan

Step 10

Cook 3 minutes each side

Step 11

Prop your pork chop on edge of pan to help render fat cover from pork chop. While this happens, remove all the cooked crispy bits of the lardo from pan leaving all that rendered flavor goodness

Step 12

Add carrots to pan and toss around in rendered lardo for 3-4 min

Step 13

Place chops back on side in pan for an additional 3 minutes a side, all while giving the carrots and chops that Pluck-flavored rendered fat bath

Step 14

Remove chops and carrots from pan to plate and let rest for 4 min

Step 15

Add any additional Pluck seasoning to your preference and enjoy!



1.5 pound pork fat

2 tablespoons Pluck seasoning

2 tablespoons salt

21/3 tablespoons red wine vinegar


2 pork sirloin chops 1” thick (bone in)

4 carrots (cut vertically to make sticks)

Pinch of Pluck seasoning


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