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A Nourished
New Year Challenge

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In this FREE month-long challenge you will:

  • Discover quick, easy, and delicious ways to incorporate organ meats (aka “nature’s multivitamin”) into your diet
  • Fuel your body with important nutrients you are likely missing out on
  • Support your overall wellness, both body and mind
  • Be entered to win the ultimate prize for a healthy, happy 2023

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92% of the U.S population is deficient in at least one or more vitamin or mineral.

  • Why? Well, the quality of our food isn’t what it used to be. Soil depletion, food processing, and other factors have made it so that many of our foods – including fruits and vegetables – have fewer vitamins and minerals than in the past.

BUT, there is one food that continues to pack a nutritional punch:
Organ meats.

  • Packing more vitamins and minerals in one serving than nearly any other food, organ meats are literal superfoods.

Fuel your body for your new year goals by signing up for our FREE month-long challenge.

How it works:

  • Sign-up for the challenge here and get access to fun and educational emails that include special guest interviews, recipes, uniqe discounts and tasks to share your journey.
  • Eat organ meats at least 4 times during the month of January (Pluck counts!) 
  • Gain points for tasks that are shared via social media or email and gain an entry for the chance to win over $500 worth of prizes including Pluck spice jars, Pluck seasoning, an organ meat box from Dr. Cowan’s Garden, and much, muuch more!

When you sign-up for our challenge, you’ll get:

  • Access to exclusive health and wellness tips from industry thought leaders
  • A guide to buying organ meats – because, we’re willing to bet they aren’t (yet) a staple on your shopping list
  • Weekly delicious organ-based recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will love!
  • A chance to win FREE a gift box with goodies from our sponsors valued over $500.

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