I love a hearty chili on a cold day. Chili is a great vehicle for vegetables and different types of meats, particularly organ meats. An ancestral blend that already has ground organ meats in it, is an easy swap in this recipe.

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A pan sauce is a deceptively simple way to make even a quick weeknight meal feel special. Use a liquid like broth and/or wine to pull up the browned bits in the skillet left over from searing your protein-in this case, pork loin (those bits are called the "fond"), and you're most of the way there. The fond is loaded with flavor, so it doesn't take much more to make a really beautiful sauce happen.

Beth Lipton Beth Lipton
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Brussel sprouts are one of those vegetables that people either love or hate. I find that their preference is usually tied to how it was initially prepared for them. I find roasting brussel sprouts makes them more appealing. The crispy, salty finish make them taste good. Add pork belly and you have a delicious side or...meal.

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