Mac & Chicken Hearts

Dive into a delicious spin on classic mac & cheese with this easy and flavorful recipe made with smoked chicken hearts. This smoky and savory dish is the perfect comfort food for any gathering, and an enjoyable way to celebrate offal this month!

Melissa Hickman Melissa Hickman
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Blue Breakfast Smoothie

Smoothies and nut milks are an easy way to facilitate the digestion and absorption of nutrients that otherwise might be hard to break down, especially for those with severe gut dysfunction. With smoothies, you can pack in a ton of nutrients that might be missed when eating other grab-and-go meals. I love starting my day with a smoothie.

Dr. Vincent Pedre Dr. Vincent Pedre
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Pasta Fagioli

This famous Italian soup is loaded with nutrients and flavor from beef, organ meat, bone broth, herbs and fresh vegetables for an easy autumn meal. The term “pasta e fagioli” translates to pasta and beans. This heart soup consists of plenty of those along with the addition of nutrient dense grass-fed beef and Pluck organ meat seasoning for a new favorite comfort food

Ryan Carey Ryan Carey
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