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Organ meats are one of nature’s most nutrient-dense foods. Pluck solves four contemporary issues with eating organs:

1)  Taste - Pluck takes the “eww” out of eating organ meat. Through our complementary spices and herbs, the freeze-dried powdered organ meat is barely noticeable and makes everything you add it to taste delicious

2)  Cooking - You don’t need to know how to cook organ meat. Just use Pluck like you would salt and pepper.

3)  Ease of use - There’s no “remembering” to take supplements with Pluck. Use the spice on every meal and there’s no forgetting to get organ meat into your diet

4)  Nutritious - It turns everything you add it to into a nutrient-dense food

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Apply - We encourage only those that use the product or see the value of the product for their audience. The larger the audience, the better for your wallet, but even more important, is your audience's engagement with your recommendations. Once you’ve been approved for the Pluck Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience however you choose. 

Promote - Pluck is a unique product that is meant to help those that use it. We encourage authentic promotion and will support you in every way possible to talk up Pluck. We recommend you sharing about Pluck from your unique perspective, though.

Earn - Earn 15% commission on sales from your referral link with a 30 day tracking period. All payouts made monthly through Paypal. Note: You are not allowed to make commissions of your own purchases.

Offerings - Free shipping for all orders $50 or over.

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Pluck all-purpose
Pluck all-purpose
Pluck all-purpose

Pluck all-purpose


From meat and fish to vegetables, this organ-based, all-purpose seasoning will both awaken your dishes and your palate with the natural umami taste of organ meat. An easy way to turn all your meals and snacks into an emphatically delicious, nutrient-rich superfood.




This blend is Paleo, Keto and kid friendly. 

Net wt 50 g (correct listing)

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